Sex & Romance


The Leo’s are very poor in their romance. They have plenty of romance in their heart; but never knows how to express their feelings. The Leo’s would believe that it is their below their dignity and status to speak eloquently on romance and indulge in romantic lifestyles.


The partner’s of the Leo’s are being attracted by the agility, fast and energetic nature of the Leo. The Leo’s are taught about the love and romance only by their partners. In most cases, the Leo’s struggle at the entrance level on the romantic life. 

The Leo’s miserably fails to show their extensive love that they have within their mind. The Leo’s romantic words are very basic and present a dry picture. The Leo’s has the habit of making some plain and realistic talks with their partners. Added to this, the Leo’s are never used to lying seriously; this makes them seriously exposed to their love partners.

Leo’s are not mischievous and present them in a serious & matured look. The Leo’s are devoid of jokes and humor in their talks. Thus the entire burden of making and keeping the love affairs in a lively manner fully rests with the partner’s of the Leo only.

The love affairs of the Leo female look extremely vague; the female Leo’s keeps their love partners on tender hook. It is hard to understand the real motives of the female Leo. Thus their partners undergo tremendous experience on their love affairs with Leo.

The attitudes of the female Leo keeps changing always; because the Leo female does not want to show themselves as pliable or submissive. The Leo female will want to maintain their status irrespective of their love affairs.

The female Leo rarely indulges in sexual activities before their marriages; and they will not allow their partners to exploit them.


The Leo’s treat their spouse as their exclusive property. They start to exercise their full control over their spouse. The Leo’s become too possessive on their spouse. The Leo starts to fix the daily schedule, itinerary and the preference on behalf of their spouse. 

The Leo’s over possessiveness and strict control brings in unlimited irritations and frictions with their spouse. The Leo’s takes more time to get settled down with their spouse in the initial marriage period. 

Either the Leo’s spouse has to be submissive and adjust to their newly wed life, or they should be ready for the break down on their relationships. The male Leo puts the entire responsibility on the shoulders of their spouse; preparing exclusive food, keeping them in comfort and attending all their sexual demands. 

The female Leo will keep their partners very happy; but become very furious if they find any illegal sexual behavior by their partners. The female Leo’s are too sensitive and become very furious if their honesty and reputation are dishonored.


The Leo’s will not stray into any illegal relationship to quest their sexual thirst. So the Leo’s are fully dependent on their spouse for their sexual needs. So the Leo’s place a heavy burden of satisfying their sexual needs on their spouse. The Leo’s become completely frustrated, if they do not get proper cooperation from their life partners. Also the Leo’s spouse also becomes irritated and exhausted by the constant pressure maintained by the Leo for their sexual needs.