The Leo person has the top class leadership qualities within them. The Leo’s are fast, energetic and authoritative in nature. They get easily agitated if their views are not accepted. The Leo has the habits of using some harsh words, when their discussions turn into heated arguments.

The Leo’s never indulge in back door entry on any matters; they prefer to lose rather gaining through improper means. The Leo’s are used to plain talking on all personal and business matters. The Leo’s are never scared of talking the truth and they never hide their displeasure, even if it hurts the opposite person.
The Leo doesn’t know how to speak in a more circumvent manner. The Leo’ gives short and sharp answers only. The Leo’s are never interested in gossips. But their plain talk invites lot of troubles for them. The Leo’s are very humane in their approach towards their relatives and their family members. The Leo’s are more kind in nature while dealing with the people of lower stature.


The Leo’s gets angry easily and throws some sharp words in a flash of seconds; unmindful of it’s after effects. This uncontrollable anger sometimes brings collateral damages both in the personal and business matters of the Leo. But the anger of the Leo goes down so suddenly too; the Leo try to pacify the affected person if they find it is their own fault. If the Leo believes that their anger is justified, then they will not compromise on their positions.


The Leo’s has the capability of making the list of opponents to grow longer. Then, the Leo’s has the addiction towards the luxurious goods and gadgets. The Leo’s has the mentality to buy the best product in all categories, where money can buy it. Thus the Leo’s will overstep their financial limits and land themselves in bigger troubles than ever.

 Also the Leo’ has the habit of showcasing their wealth, affluence and their addiction to invaluable luxury goods; this brings bitterness within their friends and family members. But Leo’s boast themselves on fake admiration from others.