The Leo’s always work as a manager of a firm, leader of society/groupings, leader of employees’ union and any type of jobs that control large work forces. It is easy to find that the sizable number of Leo’s work in government jobs and many quasi – government organizations. The Leo’s are capable of leading the non violent and legal protest groups. 

On the negative side, the Leo’s are the main contender for the top post of the illegal groupings too. Thus the Leo’s occupy the top slot in every big/small organization. Also the Leo’s occupy some positions on both the government and the protest groups.


The Leo’s maintain tough stand over its vendors, customers and their entire work force. The Leo’s maintain rigid grip over their entire business operations. The Leo’s are more particular in maintaining punctuality, sincerity and systematic functioning of the business activities. 

The Leo’s lack the nuances of the business techniques. The Leo’s are good at making many improvements from the existing method of functioning. The Leo’s have extraordinary talents in developing the new system to streamline the complex procedure maintained in the business/industries.

But the Leo’s are not good at inventing any new products; they are capable of developing the existing products/systems only. The Leo’s are good at adapting to any type of situation/products.


The Leo’s has the best managerial and leadership qualities to manage huge organizations. The Leo’s maintain tight control over their employees and work forces. The Leo’s expects the punctuality and sincerity from their employees; they hand out some harsh punishments too. The sudden losing of tempers by the Leo, results in the use of harsh and abusive words. This attitude could create havoc in the life of the Leo. But the same Leo rewards their employees more than their expectations on number of occasions too. But most of the employees are fearful of their Leo master and hates them within their mind.


The Leo becomes the leader for the labor union; often fight for the rights of the employees. The Leo’s expect their fellow employees to follow certain disciplines and sincerity towards their management. In most cases, Leo’s are truthful to their fellow employees.