The Leo’s are very fond of their family members. The Leo’s are blinded by the extreme love for their family members. They tend to become partial by favoring their family interests. 

The Leo’s are often cheated and deceived by their family members. But the Leo’ will never learn any lessons from their mistakes; they prefer to go along and support their family members. The Leo’ will take the fight to the finish even after knowing that the mistakes were with their family members.

The Leo maintains strict control over their spouse. The Leo’s will not allow their spouse to be free and decide on their own action plan. The Leo’ will be quiet accommodative to their spouse’s view too. In fact, the Leo’s are dependent on their spouse’ views to conclude on any matters.

The Leo’s will not hide any truth with their spouse; they used to share all information that happens on their daily life. The Leo’s too expect the same courtesy from their spouse on this openness. The Leo’s are too possessive on their spouse. The over possessiveness and authoritative characters of the Leo could very well irritate their spouse too. 


The Children are the proud possession of the Leo’s. The Leo’s loves their children very much; but very ineffective in showing their affections to their children. 

The Leo’s never scold or punish their children directly; but put their views on their children through their spouse. This makes the Leo’s children to maintain some distances away from their father/mother. The Leo’s are completely partial to their children, when they have to decide for their future interests.

In most cases, the Leo’s become quiet unpopular with their fathers. Initially the Leo’s children maintain good relationship with their father; and later they may live separately from their children / will not be in good terms with their children.


The Leo’s are affectionate with their brothers/sisters. Though there may be differences with their brothers/sisters, they manage it to control the situations. The Leo’s never allow the relationship with their brothers /sisters to be spoiled fully. The Leo’s goes out of the way to help their brothers in the hour of their need. Even if the Leo’s are not in good terms with their brothers/sisters, they keep their affections intact; that too in their old age. 


The Leo’s maintain few friends only; but very selective on their choice. The Leo’s will maintain some distances with every friends; only few friends are allowed to have access till their family. The Leo’s will not allow their intimate friends to have access in their personal life too. Thus the Leo’s are left with small number of friends in their old age. In most cases, the friends of the Leo’s are connected to them through their business only. The friends of Leo’s are rarely benefited by the richness of the Leo. Thus the Leo keeps their friends circle only to promote their business interests. 


The Leo’ have too much love and affection for their relatives. They do not show their affection explicitly. But their actions and speeches are pointed towards their level of affection. The Leo’s treat their family members & relatives as their royal guests. The Leo’ arrange extraordinary feasting for their relatives. The Leo’s are more interested in treating their relatives within their houses only. The Leo’s become so excited with unknown amount of joy in their mind, when they see their relatives.


The Leo’s are capable of earning lot of enemies both within their family, friends and relatives; and from unknown circles too. The Leo’s basic character of abusive language, uncontrollable anger and tough stance helps to create long list of opponents. 


The Leo’s are not explicit in their love for their father and mother. But they keep good respects and love for their parents within their mind. The Leo’s either speaks very little with their father or they maintain only formal talks and discussions. On the other hand, the Leo’s maintain some tough equations with their mother. The mothers of the Leo’s have lot of grievances to explain about their wards. 

But the Leo’s never allows others to talk about their parents including their own spouses. Thus the Leo’s keeps the monopoly of the love and abuse for their parents within themselves.