The Leo’s are not choosy about their menu; and are not good eaters too. They eat the food in hot condition and with great speed. The Leo’s preference of the foods is very simple. The Leo’s can not control their anger and hunger; they become very angry when they are forced to wait for the food. The Leo’s prefer the home made foods only.


The Leo’s are good at performing in the political arena. Since the Leo’s are fast, energetic and has the leadership qualities, they are the perfect choice for the politics. The Leo’s speed, humane approach and the reliance on legal methods helps them to achieve the top slots in the politics very easily.

The Leo faces the problems in their life periods due to the following reasons.    1. The Leo’s one sided judgment and the tilt towards their family members,      2. The Leo’s burst of sudden anger and frustration that makes him to use very          harsh words. 3. The Leo’s excessive emphasis on discipline and sincerity. 4. The tight and authoritative control maintained by the Leo’s

These qualities of the Leo’s could lead to the downfall of their political ambitions too.


The Leo’s own limited amount of vacant land and houses; they purchase by themselves and inherit their ancestral properties. The Leo’s never cheat their brother’s/sister’s share of their property. In some cases, the Leo’s voluntarily gives up their rightful share to settle those issues. The Leo’s plan well in advance about the property issues that has to be shared among with their brothers/sisters. But the Leo’ will not proceed with their demands when the crunch time comes to speak on those issues. In some cases, the Leo’s are cheated by their own brothers/sisters for their too much affections.


The Leo’s maintain some status and reputations with their family, friends and in the society; and also in their business circles. The Leo’s are of the firm view that it is their below the dignity to be playful and indulge in entertainment.  The Leo’s firmly believe that their authority and reputation gets severely damaged if they choose to get entertained.

This line of arguments & thinking makes the Leo’s to avoid all kinds of entertainment. At best, the Leo’s make some visits to theatres in their early age. There after the Leo’s fully avoid all kinds of entertainment in the later part of the life. The Leo’s even avoid hearty laughing, which could be construed to be misunderstood for their weakness.


The Leo’s are health conscious and never indulge in any bad habits that could affect their health. The Leo’s are scared of using strong medicines; they prefer to use nature based foods and remedies that keep their health in good condition. The Leo’s basically keeps some simple tips which are friendly to natural environment for the upkeep of their good health.

Thus the Leo’s will not be affected by any major health crisis; they may be free from all type of sickness in their life time. They get affected by heat related illness, muscular and nervous problems.

But Leo’s will suffer heavily on account of any brief illnesses that are likely to affect them once or twice in their lifetime. Also the Leo’s gets their first child only after the initial struggle or delay.


The Leo’s maintain a decent and matured outlook. The Leo’s dress up properly and they never go out by shabbily dressed up. But the Leo’s never indulge in beautifying themselves. They never spend money or waste their time to make them attractive. 

The Leo’s are scared of using chemicals or synthetic materials in their bodies; they prefer to use some natural ways or materials to enhance their appearance. 

But the Leo’s are very much interested in buying costly dress materials, sun glasses, shoes and other gadgets that they use regularly. They are very choosy in selecting those gadgets for their personal uses. In fact, the Leo’s are addicted to these habits of buying costly gadgets. The Leo’s easily forget their budget and their professed ideals while buying costly gadgets. The Leo’s are fond of using best soaps, perfumes and toiletries.